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Sea Transportation
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Sea Transportation

Sea Freight Export :
Providing One - Stop service , collect the goods from door and send the goods to the appoint place.
FCL, LCL export services: provide with Europe ,Black Sea, Africa, Middle East, India ,Australia ,Southeast Asia etc. multi-routes .Concluded a very good relations with the shipping companies.
Door-Door services: Have own trucking , can arrange the transportation in time.
Custom clearance: Have professional customs team to provide the shortcut procedure
Operation/ Documentation Services: Advanced computer information system

Sea Freight Import :
Providing the door-door services ,including overseas exporting booking, custom clearance, transportation and domestic custom clearance ,transportation etc. completed services.
Custom clearance, Commodity inspection: have professional customs team with abundant experience to ensure your cargo Exp.or Imp. safely.
Storage: Large-scale warehouse to provide clients multi-services
Transportation: Have own trucking to provide the domestic cargo transportation.
Counseling services: Provide international logistics counseling. Overseas firms invest in domestic, set up branch etc. related industry criterion counseling.
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