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Sea Transportation
Inland Transportation
Air Transportation
Other Services

Sea Transportation

Sea Freight Export :
Providing One - Stop service , collect the goods from door and send the goods to the appoint place.
FCL, LCL export services: provide with Europe ,Black Sea, Africa, Middle East, India ,Australia ,Southeast Asia etc. multi-routes .Concluded a very good relations with the shipping companies.
Door-Door services: Have own trucking , can arrange the transportation in time.
Custom clearance: Have professional customs team to provide the shortcut procedure
Operation/ Documentation Services: Advanced computer information system

Sea Freight Import :
Providing the door-door services ,including overseas exporting booking, custom clearance, transportation and domestic custom clearance ,transportation etc. completed services.
Custom clearance, Commodity inspection: have professional customs team with abundant experience to ensure your cargo Exp.or Imp. safely.
Storage: Large-scale warehouse to provide clients multi-services
Transportation: Have own trucking to provide the domestic cargo transportation.
Counseling services: Provide international logistics counseling. Overseas firms invest in domestic, set up branch etc. related industry criterion counseling.
Inland Transportation

With strong trucking team, ensure the effective safety to provide clients 24 hours non disconnected services.

Service scope:
Guangdong-Hongkong pass throught the territory of China transportation, China inland cargo trucking, Lcl collection distribution.

Increment services: dock collection, goods storage management. Assort the connection with customs, dock, carrier, warehouse, forwarder, factory etc.

Custom services: Have one professional customs team ,with favorable customs credit standing, provide rapid process and provide commodity etc. knight service.

Air Transportation

We take speediness and on time as the basic, have very plenty professional cargo handle experience.

Scheduled Flight consultation:
Let you know the line schedule changes information at any moment.

Space assure:
Got the supports from several famous air lines' supports to provide clients enough spaces.

Door to Door service:
Assort with client's transportation optimize, to provide clients agility ,credible goods customs clearance and delivery services.

International cooperation:
Cooperating with several famous air agent ,have strong overseas agency cooperation net-work

Increment services:
Custom services, Ward trans-shipments, Commodity inspection, propagation quarantine and sanitation inspection operation.


Our services scope from inland transportation , transshipment warehousing, process and delivery.
Multi-storage services: at the same time we have normal warehouse, custom ward warehouse, bonded warehouse etc. relative services .Conformity railroad, land-carriage, air-express, sea transportation. Can process exceed, stock , distribution, combination ,packing process, international trans-delivery, customs clearance etc.services.
Other Services

Offer professional trading agent service . Acting as an agent for overseas clients, including sourcing, purchasing, inspection, negotiate,loading,balancing and distributing etc. offering Documents like Invoice, Packing List, Original of Certificate etc.
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